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Email Marketing

Our email marketing team in Northamptonshire has been creating effective, performance driven email campaigns for over a decade. We understand that creating and managing email marketing campaigns can be time consuming, and to get the best results you will need the right expertise.
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What can email marketing do for you?

Email marketing is one of the most measurable ways to market to your target audience. It is also one of the quickest and most cost effecttive marketing options. Email marketing allows you to instantly deliver messages to prospects and existing customers.


Email marketing technology is used by over 82% of B2B and B2C companies


95% of companies utilising marketing automation are using email marketing.


Automated email messages average  152% higher click-through rates

We can help with:


Delivering your first email marketing campaign

Sending out your first email campaign can be a daunting task. Kenny & Sons can help set up your email platform and develop your first email campaign.


Developing an effective message

A slickly designed email marketing campaign may well look good, but if the message isn’t clear, you run the risk of poor engagement.


Campaign strategy

A well planned out email campaign should integrate with your over all digital strategy. Kenny & Sons can devise effecting campaign strategies that deliver.


Email campaign insights

Reviewing your campaigns analytics helps your business to continually improve your email marketing campaigns and increase ROI.

Ready to get started with email marketing?

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Free email campaign review.

Have you been sending email campaigns but aren’t getting much of a response? Let us take a look and we will offer you some free advice.


Is the message clear?


Is there a call to action?


Is everything loading correctly?

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