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SMS messages act as a more direct call to action for mobile users. Let Kenny & Sons handle your SMS marketing campaigns and see quick, measurable results.
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What is SMS (short message service)?

SMS Marketing is a very effective way of getting a short message directly into your customers hands. A quick call to action with a clickable link sent to a smart phone is a great way to drive traffic to your site and convert leads. SMS marketing works particularly well with existing customer databases, as they are already familiar with your brand. We usually recommend SMS marketing is used in conjunction with other methods, so that the receiver of your SMS marketing campaign is already familiar with your company name.


98% of SMS messages are opened and read by the receiver


Coca Cola spends 75% of its mobile budget on SMS marketing


80% of consumers don’t receive SMS marketing from their favourite brands

The benefits of SMS Marketing


Incredible open rates

SMS marketing campaigns are opened by a whopping 98% of their audience. To put that in to context, on average, 20% of emails are opened.


Cost Effective

SMS marketing is a cheap, yet effective way of reaching out to potential customers and your existing client database.



It is possible to track and fully report on the success of your SMS marketing campaigns.

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