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From social media account set up and management, to campaign design and delivery, Kenny & Sons can help your business maximise the potential of social media.

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Can social media really help my business?

The answer to this is: it depends. Some of our clients see huge results from the social media campaigns we manage for them. Matching the right business type with the right platform is usually where to begin. For example, a local leisure company we manage social media for sees enourmous engagements on Facebook, but almost non on Twitter. The success of the campaigns we manage is owed our experience in tracking down our client’s target markets and delivering high quality content. 


80% of time spent on social media platforms happens on mobile


56% of online adults use more than one social media platform.

We can help with


Social media account set up

Fully branded social media accounts, with all the relevent links to your website and contact information.


Account management

Managing a company social media channel is a time consuming task. Free up time and resources by letting us manage your accounts on your behalf.


Creative content

Our graphic design, photography and video services ensure that we are always able to produce eye-catching content that delivers your message.


Increase conversions

Optimising your website for search engines will help increase the number of visitors your website receives each month, meaning more conversions.

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Free social media account review.

Are you currently using social media but seeing little response? Let us take a look.


Fresh, engaging content


Interacting with users


Image/video based posts

From the blog.


Shooting Sir Ranulph Fiennes

Shooting Sir Ranulph Fiennes In the last several months, I’ve been commissioned to photograph a former Deputy Prime Minister, a BBC Radio presenter and most recently, two Director Generals of Mi5. I’m always honoured to meet such interesting people, but last month, a...

Automotive Photography

We’ve recently been working on some photographic projects for a high-end vehicle finance company that’s involved us shooting some pretty spectacular cars!

Top Secret: Portraits of MI5 Heads

I’m a big fan of James Bond and anything to do with espionage, so when a brief landed in my inbox and I read the words ‘MI5’ and ‘Director Generals’, I was pretty excited. After reading through the email, I half expected my Mac to self-destruct. Thankfully, it didn’t....

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